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The power of hope is believing in the impossible

It has been a while since I have written... I am slowly easing myself into a new routine and some sort of normal. I planned to blog so much more during lockdown but I felt I needed to take some out with everything that was going on juggling homeschooling, working, and being a mummy.

I hope you are all well and hope all your little people have settled back into school. In the UK all the children returned to school on Monday. As much as I am pleased not to be homeschooling. I do miss my little lady.

As we start the journey towards coming out of lockdown, I wanted to blog today around HOPE and I hope this story encourages you to never give up and always have hope. Allow that hope to become what you want it to become.

The 11th of March will always be a significant day in my life.

5 years ago today 11th March 2016, me and my little lady picked up our keys for our new home. The journey to get our home after everything we had been through was such a rollercoaster ride. I often reflect and cannot believe how far we have come and how blessed we are and how faithful God is. I do not know where you are with your faith or what you believe in. This story is about my journey, a testimony and I hope it encourages you in some way… You might not believe in God but please don't stop here... continue reading...

Back in 2014 after my ex left us. We moved back to the UK to my family from Greece my little lady was only 7 months old. We pretty much had nothing apart from our clothes. I did not know how everything was going to work out for us or what our future held. My ex supported my little lady, but I came away with nothing and had to start all over again and what a journey it has been!

For the first 3 years, we lived with my sister and dad all under one roof! It was wonderful being altogether but at the same time complete chaos, however, looking back I would never change that part of our journey. When my little lady was around 18 months old, I started the search to find a house, but it was challenging in many ways. I was not able to afford to rent privately so I registered with our Local Council hoping a house would come up, but unfortunately, it was not happening. Months went on and it got quite intense living altogether my sister was running her business from home and doing her coaching qualification. It was just challenging in so many ways, but we made it work and all did what we could in this waiting time of me finding a house there was also the huge worry how I was going to be able to afford a house on my own not being able to work full time.

As time went on my daughter was now 2 and half years old and started nursery, I returned to work part-time. Still on the hunt for a house. I decided I was going to explore private renting through an estate agent. As weeks went by and then months still no luck… the houses we viewed were just not suitable for us. I started to lose hope and just had enough of all the struggles. However our faith was very strong, and we prayed and believed that somehow it would all work out, for those who are have immigrated from Africa will understand that after having to start all over again its not an easy process and there were not thousands of pounds in the bank account, but I prayed and continued my search. I made a vision board of what house I wanted and started to believe that this house was going to come.

It was late one night, and I was searching online and came across this house it ticked all the boxes of what I was looking for. The next day I rang the estate agents, we arranged a viewing for that night to see it. My dad came to view it with me, he was very much against Sophie and I moving out as I was going to be on my own. After the viewing, I felt a sense of excitement and I decided that I was going to go ahead with it. I did not know at the specific moment financially how it was all going to work but I knew that is where we were going to live. The next day I rang the agents and said that I wanted to go ahead… my dad still did not agree with it and I had no support from my ex on this although he provided for our daughter, I had to do this on my own… There were another 5 people also interested in this house too… after much discussion with my sister I decided I was going to write to the Landlord and explain my situation and why I think I would be the perfect tenant.

I waited and waited and did not hear anything back, my dad still not being 100% happy with the thought of me taking on this house… I finally heard back! The Landlord wanted to meet me and along with the other people separately. I took my sister for moral support. We had chat, and I was honest about my whole situation, but I came away really feeling deflated… I was never going to be picked.

Two days went by along with a lot of members from our church and close friends who shared the same faith that if this was part of the plan it would happen. I received a call from the agents to say that they had chosen me! I could not believe it! Wow!

This was it! I paid some of the deposit and started the process…. I still didn’t know at this point how I was going to afford it as well as furnish it. But I knew God was faithful and God was in this. The referencing took a lot longer than normal however this gave me time to work on a plan and also prepare mentally. I had never lived on my own before. This was going to require faith, it was going to require stepping up and so much more. The thought of my name being on the house bills sent my anxiety through the roof! Although I was mum to my nearly 3-year-old and traveled half away across the world I just did not feel grown up enough to do this but it was my heart's desire to have a home for me and my little lady.

Everything was all complete and move day was approaching very fast, although the costs of the house were sorted, I had no furniture, NOTHING! I knew everything would work out the way it needed it and I remember my sister saying to me that it will be ok if I did not have a fully furnished house, to begin with, but I am the type of person that I want everything perfect, and I just wanted everything perfect for me and my little lady.

Move day came and we finally got the keys… it was quite a surreal moment. My dad was finally on board and supportive and amazed at how far God had bought me. We did not have a lot to move apart from our clothes and we were given and lent stuff, to begin with, for which I was so very grateful. The first few weeks were tough in many ways and I struggled a lot I wanted to do so much but financially I could not. I had put my little lady’s pram on for sale and within minutes I had a lady who was interested. I could not believe it the next day she came to collect it and with that money, it furnished our house, we did not that the best of the best, but we had what we needed and that I was truly grateful for. Brand new stuff was also bought for us and I started to see all these blessings come out of nowhere.

5 years on, we are still in our beautiful home. We have created the happiest of memories and our lives are full of abundance and blessings and even through the pandemic it has been financially hard but when I look back to where I was 5 years ago and even 8 years ago when my ex ended our relationship not knowing how everything was going to work out for us. We have come so far and my heart is full of gratitude. We never have gone short of anything. For most of you that know me personally you will know my story and what I have been through alongside looking after my sister during her cancer journey. It has not been an easy ride.

Stepping out sharing this story has been a huge step out of my comfort zone but I felt I needed to. It is so important that through life struggles and challenges you do not lose hope, you do not give up on your heart’s desires. You are in charge of your life, for many years I lived my life on other people's opinions and thoughts telling me I couldn't do this or that.

Believe it, speak it, and don’t give up hope.

The lessons I have learned through this is don't let anyone tell you it's not possible Nothing is impossible. Sometimes it takes stepping completely out of our comfort zone. Yes, sometimes situations may be out of our control, but in this world, we live in today it is so important to not lose sight of hope.

“Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future – Robert H Schuller”

Until next time x

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