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Creating unplugged fun!

We have just had half term holidays here and it was lovely 10 days off. We had no plans really because of the uncertainty. It has been great to have the time together and see friends and be at home and not really have set in stone plans. With all the restrictions going out isn’t much fun so we keep things very simple and safe.

While digital devices can provide endless hours of entertainment and they can offer educational content, unlimited screen time can be harmful. I find if Sophie has had too much screen time after it impacts her mood which is why I have limits.

Unplugged play was not a phrase we used when we were growing up, also living in a hot country we spent a lot of time outside.

The children of today can't imagine a world without smartphones, tablets, and the internet.

It’s also good some times to take time out and completely slow down and be in the comfort of your own home.

Our children grow so quickly often I look at Sophie and think to myself would you please stop growing!

I say this a lot but life is so short and it is important to have fun and somethings costs nothing! It is great that we live in world where there is so much on offer but it all adds up and not every child in this world is as fortunate and this can be heart breaking for the parent just as much as the child BUT it’s important to create FUN. Give technology a break for while.

A lot of parents often struggle with this and will make excuses, so how can you be a fun mum or dad? First step start getting involved more in their play!

With Sophie being an only child she really does play well on her own and I am able to get on with stuff too but sometimes she will come to me and say oh mummy please can we play together. There are times when I am not able to do it straight away but I always make an effort. This time is so precious. Children love it when you play their games with them and they don’t stay small for long. It is important that you engage this time with them.

If you you not able to play with them at that specific moment, encourage another activity. Reading is top hit in out home and I will often find Sophie sat reading her book whilst I am busy doing house stuff or work.

Below are some ideas we get up to inspire you be a fun and interactive parent and release the child within you! It’s not all about technology!

• Create a Lego land out of Lego or play mobile city or any figurines you have!

• Hama beads or aqua beads we love these and doing them together. Pinterest has some great ideas on there to create.

• Play dollies! We often play nursery schools or mums and babies

• Barbies - we get the barbies all dressed up for a celebration or a special outing

• Play dough - for some parents this is a no no! However it is very therapeutic and who doesn’t love creating different types of food out of play dough!

• Board Games - this one is perfect for when the weather is miserable

• Doctors - we often do this with Sophie’s teddies they all have check ups and we have a teddy hospital.

• Baking and hosting a tea party

• Make a fort or a den and it can be inside or outdoors!

• Arts and crafts and create something

• Jump on the trampoline with them if you have one this always makes Sophie laugh

• Cloud spotting what objects, shapes or animals we can you see in the clouds!

• Have a dance party, turn up the volume and dance! Make this a weekly occurrence, it really does lift your spirits and theirs!

• Make a band - Sophie loves playing the piano often I find myself playing alongside her or being lead singer! Or host a talent show

• Go on a bike ride together or a nature walk, it’s always good for the soul. Sophie keeps reminding me that it’s great to be out in a nature

• Get involved at the park - get off that phone! swing next to them or chase them!

• Arrange a little date out, choice of theirs this also gives you some 1:1 time together if you have other children

• Be super hero and create a special mission to accomplish

• Pamper time let them do your hair and nails - this is great as it’s also teaching them a life skill of it’s important to take care of yourself

• Pizza and Movie night - this is a weekly occurrence in our home, every Friday it is a great away to end the week. We have popcorn and sweets too!

As I don’t have a boy, I haven’t managed to share as much but I hope I have managed to inspire you to create some fun and get involved in their play time.

We always write a list of things we want to do and games we want to play at the start of the holidays.

Time is precious, they don’t stay young forever and remember you will never get this time back.

Live for today and take full advantage of the time you have together, as we face another lockdown of some sort, use this opportunity to enjoy this time with your children and limit those screens.

Until next time x

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