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Birthday Homemade Party Treats

In our house we love birthdays and we love to celebrate and make that person feel extra special!

A birthday is such special time of year. When we celebrate someone's birthday, we're not only celebrating the length of their life, but we celebrate how much they've grown in the past year. Birthdays are important because they give everyone a day to feel special and see how much those around them love them.

As much as we love celebrating our birthdays, we love good home-made party food. After fond memories of my sister and I being bought up having the most amazing parties each year with home-made treats and cakes made by mum for as long as she was alive. I have continued this family tradition every year since Sophie was born apart from the cake… I have not managed yet to quite get fondant icing right! I did do it one year with some help from friends!

Being Greek we love to feed so even after every party there is still so much food left! We are used to catering for the many family members.

I have loved doing the food for Sophie’s party and getting creative. As well as using some of my mum’s old recipes and ideas I have also used Pinterest to gain some inspiration.

Over the years we have had different themed birthdays, I will be sharing some of our favourite treats.

Marshmallow wands

You will need:

· Marshmallows

· Skewer sticks

· Cooking chocolate or you use Wilton candy melts they come in all different types of colours

· Sprinkles

Break chocolate and place into a heatproof bowl.

Sit over a pan of barely simmering water (a bain marie) and allow the chocolate to melt, stirring occasionally.

Slide marshmallows onto skewer sticks

Once chocolate has melted leave to cool for around 2 minutes

Dip the tip of the marshmallow into the chocolate and then into the sprinkles and leave to cool completely before eating them

Top Tip

You can also use long breadsticks if you don't like marshmallows

Jelly Oranges

I did this for Sophie's 1st birthday and a lot of our friends here in the England had never heard of this before. They are great for a summer outdoor party too and you can use sugar free jelly… they were a real hit.

You will need

· Oranges small to medium (one orange will give you 4 wedges)

· Jelly powder or blocks

· A sharp knife

· Lots of fridge space

Slice the oranges in half and scoop all the pulp out so you are left with just an outside bit of the orange

Prepare your jelly

Place all your oranges on a tray that can fit into the fridge

Fill the oranges just to the top of the orange with jelly leave for at least 4-6 hours or overnight is best

Slice them in half so you are left with 4 jelly quarter oranges

Serve immediately or place them back in the fridge until serving time

Top Tip

Best colours to use are orange, red, green and yellow

Use a cup cake tin to place the oranges in this helps hold the jelly in place to set however any tray or plate will do

That’s all until next time make sure you come back to see what other recipes we will share!

Remember its all about being creative and there is something about homemade party treats!

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