Hi, I'm Eleni

Living in the beautiful Cotswolds in England 


Greek, born in Zimbabwe, left when I was 15 years old and moved to England. Travelled the world whilst working on a cruise ship hairdressing and then the time came for me to embrace the journey of Motherhood... alongside being a mum I work part-time with for my sister Kiki, as her business operations manager in her coaching and consultancy business. I do still do some hairdressing. It is a right old mix, however, I love the variety and it’s all about helping people and making me people fill good which makes my heart happy.


My family has and will always be at the heart of whatever I do and after losing my mum at 7 years old to lung cancer, I am taking full advantage to treasure and cherish each moment with my Little Lady. 


I love all things fashion, chilling in sunshine, being by the sea and going on holiday, spending time with my loved ones, and lots of self-care. 


I wanted to create this blog to inspire other mums or dads out there taking on parenthood especially alone. 


A lot of the things I might blog about maybe things you already know and there maybe somethings along this journey that you may read and not agree as parents yourself and that’s ok. 


Parenthood and lifestyle are a unique and individual journey for us all. 


For me, I am sharing my personal experiences in the crazy world we live in and hope you can take something from it and feel inspired. 


My blog focuses on trying to nail the working mum along with having fun, living life to the full, always being grateful, and as well as looking after my family, taking care of me and teaching my Little Lady to do the same. 

Now let me introduce you to the star of the show

My Little Lady Sophie. 

My whole world.

Born in the year of 2013, Greek. Named after my beautiful mum, my Little Lady has brought so much love and light back into our whole family since the day she entered into this world. There is just something so unique about her.


Her life’s journey has been little up and down after her dad and I separated when she was 6 months old and then living through her aunty who we are very close to fighting Stage 4 cancer. No matter how challenging the first 4 years of her life where she embraced them and inspires me daily to be the best mum and person I can be. 

She loves dogs and animals. We have not got a dog yet although she keeps convincing me to get one. I am sure we will soon. I told her, for now, she can help take care of her auntie’s dogs! Digby and Kissa who she absolutely adores. Her favourite thing to do is be by the sea, go on holiday, eat ice creams and pizza. She also loves to read, dance and play the piano. 

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It's in these magical moments together that we realise we've not lost our identity to become a mum, but that we've found ourselves through motherhood

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